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 2250 NW 22nd Avenue Portland, Oregon 97210 / 503-887-1442

Photography & Video Rentals 

Studio Northwest features a beautiful, well-furnished rental space designed for photographers and videographers interested in all types of professional photoshoots. The space is equipped with everything you need for creativity, comfort and an excellent client experience.

Photoshoot Studio

The 1170sq ft studio has a large shooting area with a partial wood floor, south facing windows and sheer or black-out curtains to modify the light. There is a comfortable seating lounge, dressing room and variety of posing chairs and tables. 

To help support a wide range of productions the studio provides a garment rack, steamer, 2 heavy duty C-stands, boom arm plus counterweight, extension cords, V-flat, reflectors, seamless papers and posing furniture. See detailed list below


- Wifi
- Garment rack
- Steamer

-Boom arm with counter weight 

- 2 heavy duty C stands

- 9' Seamless paper (white, light grey & medium grey)
- Posing stools, chairs, tables, benches &  sofas
- 2 large V-flats, black board &  round reflector with 4 colors
- Rolling cart for equipment delivery 
- 3 step ladders 12,' 6' & 3' 
- Full body mirror 
- Touch up hair products
- Lint roller
- Speaker system
- Refrigerator


- Studio parking space, four visitor spaces & free street parking

- Lobby callbox


- 8' loading elevator & 5' passenger elevator

- Interior bike storage

- Studio Northwest is conveniently located near Prophoto Supply, the pearl district and NW 23rd Avenue. See Food & Rental Resources