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New Ownership : A Photographer’s Vision


An Introduction from Shanti and Raina: This is an exciting time for us as we embark on a journey as the new owners of Studio Northwest. My name is Shanti Martin and my wife is Raina Martin. We are having a baby boy, due in May, making that our third son. We are very grateful too Kristal for all that she has accomplished in establishing a beautiful space utilized by such a wonderful community of professionals. We would like to assure you all that the studio will continue to be ran as usual. We look forward to sprucing up the space and bringing fresh energy into the environment. One area of focus for us is asking for renter input on the space. We see Studio Northwest as a community and we want to get to know who you are. If you would like to share any work you have done in the studio with our email please do. We would love to share your content with the world on our social media accounts.      

Hi, My name is Shanti Martin and I am an Oregon native. 

Since graduating with a degree in New Media Communications in 2010, I have been a steadfast entrepreneur. I have built my brand and my business. As a content creator and a gear head, I love figuring out complex problems, creating amazing visuals, and building strong working relationships.

I acquired Pdx Photo Lounge as a fledgling business in 2014 and have since grown it to 5 times the initial size. We are now one of the most well known photo booth and event photography experience companies in Portland. Just this past year we worked with Nike to create massive photo experience walls for their 50th anniversary at the Nike world headquarters. 

As a videographer, I’ve worked with both commercial and documentary style films. My previous company Fourpoint Media was the in house content creator for the Oregon Science Museum. We created all of the live in house visuals for OMSI. I worked with Stand for Children to highlight the stories of disadvantaged youth. I filmed for Aprovecho research center, this center researches clean cooking technologies for third world countries. 

I’m passionate about the storytelling power of media and its ability to make change and create impact in this world. I look forward to bringing my creative vision to this space and fostering relationships with current Studio Northwest photographers while expanding the studios offerings to bring even more amazing projects into the space. Kind Regards, Shanti 

Dear Community,

As the new owner of Studio Northwest I am going to take a moment to share a bit about who I am and what I stand for. My name is Raina Ambika Martin, and I am a Portland native. I studied fine art, with an emphasis on painting, photography and graphic design. In 2014 I immersed myself into the study and practice of Hatha yoga. Naturally healing arts and service became a large part of my offerings. This lead me to being certified in two lineages of Reiki. I consider myself a visionary artist and a free thinker. Over the past few years I have had  the opportunity to get into space curation and event production. In 2022 I established my benefit company called Goddess SWAP- Sharing With A Purpose. The purpose of that endeavor is to empower humanity and we also provide clothing. I am not one to only focus on one thing. It has been joyful for me to evolve my skillset and present my offerings to the greater communities. Please know that I am available to serve and I would love to get to know you ~ the wonderful community that is Studio Northwest. Kindly, Raina 

We look forward to getting to know you all!

Photo by Jenn Duke :  For the Love of Flowers Photography


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