STUDIO NORTHWEST: A Photographer’s Vision


Bright. Spacious. Versatile.

Hi! I am Kristal - the owner of Studio Northwest. For 10 years, I've worked as a portrait photographer, creating sessions for my clients and thier needs. Studio Northwest is my long time dream to provide an affordable rental space where photographers like myself can provide exceptional service and prosper in their businessesI know that gorgeous lighting, flowing tea, and the comfort of a place well cared for goes a long way. I believe that the right environment helps creativity to thrive and that when someone else focuses on the details you can be more present for the work you love.


This custom built studio not only provides a spacious work place but is stocked full with equipment, giving renters everything they need to produce different types of creative productions. During the past 4 years, the studio has hosted photography shoots, video productions, business meetings and multi-day workshops.


Let’s bring your vision to life!

Photos by Anna Caitlin Photography


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