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How do I become a renter?

Complete the rental agreement on the RENTAL AGREEMENT page. Next you will be emailed the code to the RESERVATIONS page. After you book your time and create a reservation, you will be sent a confirmation, then a week before your reservation date, an email with access and building information will be sent. 


Can I take a tour of the space?

Yes, email to set-up a tour.


What is included in my rental?

All rentals include posing furniture, rolling backdrops, mounted seamless papers, reflector boards, tables & chairs, garment rack...see full list HERE

What is the studio's refund & cancellation policy?

If a reservation is made in error, we can immediately refund your reservation. 

For all reservations, the policy is as follows:

7 or more days notice = Rescheduling available (no refund)
Less than 7 days notice = No refund or rescheduling available

* Rescheduled hours cannot be broken up into multiple reservations only one reservation. 

Do you rent or provide lights?

No, we do not provide lights, only light stands and reflectors. Prophoto Supply Rentals is located 5 minutes from Studio NW.

Contact // 503-241-1112


How is the sound quality for recording audio?

All videographers have reported good sound quality and recording. The air vent is located inside the studio so it can be shut-off. The offices on the 5th floor are quiet neighbors and are not in the building on weekends. You are welcome to come by to test the sound. 


What is the max amount of people for a production or event?

10-15 people max for the size of space 

Can this space be rented for parties, music shows and personal events?​

The studio is not zoned for parties, party events or as performance venue so live music is not allowed. Creative workshops and other small events are allowed on an approved basis. 

Are pets allowed in the studio?

Animals are not allowed in the studio unless you get permission from manager. Service animals allowed with notification and discussion with management about on-site animal policies. Email with questions. 


If myself or my clients damage or ruin something what should we do?

Contact us as soon as possible so that we can remedy the situation. Please photograph the item and send an image if possible. Depending upon what happens, renter may be responsible for the replacement cost. 

What are the rental times? 

The studio is open 7am-10pm.  You can rent the space for one hour or as many as 15 hours /full day. All rentals are made on the hour, not on half hours. See rental rates HERE

What is the natural window light like? Best time to shoot?

The windows are south facing so looking out the windows, the sun travels from left to right, setting in the west hills. The the morning light hits the wall with the seamless papers and afternoon sun angles towards the wall with the wood floor beneath it. If sunny and depending upon the season, there will be shadows from the window frames. Window shadow patterns happen from the late Fall through the Winter. Usually it is cloudy and so light is nice and diffused. The white curtains help diffuse harsh sunlight and black-out curtains help block out or fraction the light. 

Is there a steamer. 
YES, on the storage rack. 

Do you have an inflatable mattress? And is there a comforter cover?
Yes, Queen mattress and pump are inside the black posing bench. There is a set of white comforter and pillows located on rack in storage room. Renters bring thier own sheets. 

The storage door is locked, please help?

The key to the storage room door is inside the lockbox outside the studio door. It is the silver key on the chain. Sometimes the key seems to not work but it does! Have them insert the key and wiggle the door handle. Make sure they pop the lock on the storage room door handle to it wont lock again. Return the key to box.

What is the studio's policy for Covid-19 (Updated Feb 2023)?

  • Renters are no longer required to wear masks

  • Renters encouraged to use bleach to disinfect handles, light switches and surfaces

  • Bleach cleaning spray & towels are set up for ease of use

  • Studio cleanings by our cleaner help to maintain the work space 

  • Renters and thier clients are asked to wash hands and practice good hygiene. Sink located inside storage room.  

  • Renters and thier clients who are not feeling well should stay home.

  • There is a high powered air filter to clean the air 


Do you ever offer discounted rental rates or trade collaborations?

Free time can be offered for special projects that we want to support. Feel free to inquire.

Do I need liability insurance?

Liability insurance is not required but for certain events, you may be asked to sign a Hold Harmless agreement. 


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