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Photographers are permitted to conduct photo sessions when the following safety precautions are maintained (see Oregon Health Authority). SNW has consulted with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to ensure compliance with the state of Oregon, and prioritize the safety of it's renters and thier clients. 


  • Limits to group size, 6 people max from different households. * Updated NOV 11th in conjunction with Kate Brown's "Pause Order"

  • Renters wear masks while working. Models remove masks as needed. 

  • Detailed cleanings with bleach to disinfect handles, light switches and surfaces

  • Bleach cleaning spray & towels are set up with a posted sign for renters to wipe surfaces following their sessions. 

  • New air filters have been installed in the vents

  • The New York building has added extra daily cleanings to wipe elevator buttons & door handles

  • Renters are asked to wash hands and practice good hygiene 

  • Renters and thier clients who are not feeling well should stay home

Studio Northwest will continue to provide a safe and clean workspace, and support Portland's creative community and it's clients during this time.