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The Art of Portraiture: Natural Light

with Patrizia Montanari

The workshop is designed for photographers of all levels, looking to learn new portrait techniques exploring natural light. The one day workshop will start with a lecture by Patrizia Montanari, an Italian portrait photographer who has been teaching Portrait, food and product photography for the last three years at Dallas Center for Photography. Patrizia will walk you through her experience as a portrait photographer and her ways of working with natural and available light. Students will have the opportunity to shoot with models (professional and not) in a studio environment as well as outdoor, learning ways to use light at the photographer advantage to create compelling portrait images. Model fees are included. Lunch is one hour and is not included.

Sunday 10am-5pm

Cost: $250 

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What to bring:

Camera & camera bag

Fully charged battery (and extra battery if you have one)

Your favorite portrait lenses and equipment

Dress comfortably according to the weather

Water bottle 

The following topics will be covered on day one:

- Portrait elements

- Portrait categories and styles

- Understanding natural light

- Controlling, directing and capturing the light

- Preferred camera settings

- Choice of lenses

- Creativity vs Techniques

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